Yalincak Mother Sentenced, Yalincak Son in "Big Trouble"


Since the only reasons for having children are to proliferate one’s own ego and entrapment, Ayferafet Yalincak, 52 and mother of Hakan must be pretty PO’d that she went through—we’re ballparking—18 hours of labor and only ended up with a criminal record and two years in the state pen. Ayferaet is going down for her role in a multimillion-dollar hedge fund scam directed by her son Hakan, a former NYU student who had the brains to “charm his way into the exclusive world of Greenwich high finance by posing as an heir to a wealthy Turkish family,” broker deals with a Kuwaiti financier and put $1.25 million of investor money toward a down payment on a $21 million donation to NYU (so as to come off as wealthy philanthropists to potential investors) but not how to, you know, do it without getting caught and taking the woman who gave him life down with him.
US District Judge Janet Bond Arterton told a packed courtroom, “I don’t have confidence her future will be one without further fraud,” which has got to sting. Mother and son were also ordered to pay $2.25 million in restitution. Hakan is to be sentenced by the court next month, to say nothing of the “grounding of a lifetime” he’s purportedly in for.
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Pound Ridge mom in hedge fund scheme gets 2 years
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Former Barclays Employee Sentenced To 52 Weeks In Jail

Breathe easy, friends of Bob Diamond and the guy who wrote "Anything for you, Big Boy," as a response to the request, "Can you manipulate Libor for me today when you've got a sec? Thanks a mill." In this case we speak of Rachael Claire Martin, the ex-Barlcays employee who used customer funds to pay for breast augmentations, dental work, liposuction, drugs, alcohol, shoes, and jewelry, despite initially telling authorities she covered the tricks and treats with money she earned engaging in sex for payment (an excuse anyone facing questioning for their own alleged misconduct should feel free to use. Just because one judge didn't buy it doesn't mean another won't). Mother-of-one and law graduate Rachael Martin, 24, ‘spent money like water' after getting a job with Barclays in Liskeard, Cornwall, where she was responsible for dealing with cheques. The stolen cash paid for a breast enlargement, thought to be worth £4,000, dental work worth £1,700, and liposuction, as well as nights out, drink and drugs. She has now been jailed after stealing £46,000 in just two months from her employers. Extravagances included £1,687.95 at the Windsor Place dental surgery in Liskeard, and £500 on unspecified cosmetic surgery at Harley Medical, the court heard. Martin also lavished £670 at exclusive jewellers Tiffany, and £506 on a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. When she was arrested, Martin, from St Austell in Cornwall, told police she earned money as an escort in Bristol, adding that she was ‘a common prostitute’. But the claim was a cover for her criminal behaviour, said prosecutor Iain Leadbetter. Recorder Jeremy Wright jailed Martin, who has an eight-year-old son, for 52 weeks, telling her she had demonstrated a ‘concerted, clever and serious breach of trust'. Bank worker, 24, who stole £46,000 to fund boob job and party lifestyle told police she earned the money working as an escort [DM]