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Your Other Picks: Let's Win the CNBC Contest

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We know your probably tired. You stayed up late getting in your last minute bracket picks. Now your eagerly awaiting the first games and hoping that all those streaming videos don't crash the internets.
Well, you've got an hour before the first game and we have a suggestion about what to do with your time: help DealBreaker win the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. We got the idea when we were having drinks with a friend and wound up defending the proposition that we've got the smartest finance readership on the web. That, of course, lead to the challenge: if your guys are so smart, why don't you see if you can win that CNBC thing.
Sounds like a bad idea, right? But we're doing it. So get your recommendations into us, either by email to or in the comments section. We need trading ideas, hot stocks, strategies. Anything.
Remember, it's your reputation on the line here.