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Are there enough banker jokes for over 35 couplets?

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Columbia Business School (CBS) just released this year’s Follies video features, which hit the internets hard last year with a spot-on rendition of “Every Breath You Take” focused on CBS dean Glen Hubbard getting passed over for the Fed Chairman job for Ben Bernanke.
Even DealBook concedes that this year’s crop isn’t as strong as the Police spoof. The relative highlight, however, is “Baby Got WACC,” which is a kind of disjointed take on the jobs b-schoolers aspire to land. Moving from solely token banker jokes (probably out of necessity, since the song is so long), buy side jokes are up this year, with lines like, “I wanna buy you low and ugh, lever up, ugh! ugh!” and “So ladies if the cash is churn, and you want a 5x return.”
Watching a b-schooler slug through this, with a lack of melanin content exacerbated by corporate lingo, makes you realize something – (real) rappers are pretty talented!

Here’s the classic Police spoof, released Spring 2006:

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