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"Big Maria I (Plane Too Many)"

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The words “do not engage” come to mind when one finds his or herself in the company of crazy people, relatives and the architects of a hostage situation. We’ve said this before, but every time we write about Geoffrey Raymond and one of his masterpieces, we know we’re veering dangerously into the territory that could get one of us—or you—killed. But the rush, oh, the rush of seeing Dick Grasso’s head in Technicolor, or Lloyd Blankfein’s shiny one walking down Wall Street—it’s unparalleled. Which is why today, we bring you the freakiest dispatch from Raymond’s workshop yet—the $Honey. It’s not so much the picture that has us wondering if maybe we should get someone else to start our car tonight, but Ray’s explanation of it (referring to her as the "Blessed Mother," a "religious icon," pretending to be Todd Thomson's boss...). Ah, well. If anything, this will make “Bob” happy. And that—not our own well-being—is really what it’s all worth. (Let us know if you, too, get the feeling that Maria was tied up in the corner while this video was being shot or if, uh, that's just us.)

via Crossing Wall Street