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Bill and Warren At Hooters

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Apparently this is a very old story but it’s one that’s news to us: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates eat free at Hooters for life. Last October, the story goes, Warren and Bill had the excellent adventure of hanging out with Berkshire Hathaway’s board of directors at Hooters.
As far as we can tell, this story and the photograph are for real.* Strangely, Warren Buffett does not return our phone calls.**
We’re sorry we didn’t bring this story to you earlier. We’re totally firing the intern we have assigned to monitor the Hooters website.
Oh, and Warren is totally working on the railroads these days, too.
* Editor's Note: But who knows? It's amazing what the kids can do with photoshop these days.
**Note to Liz Claman: Put a good word in with Warren for us. We’re not exactly sorry we asked whether he was going to Hell but we don’t think a good inquiry into the damnation of his soul should really get between us. After all, we were good enough to print his response!

World's Two Richest Men Can Eat for Free at Hooters