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College Kids Express Their Last Bit Of Anti-Banking Heavy Breathing Before Going Into Banking

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We’re becoming mightily obsessed with this brand new New York Times blog “The Graduates.” We probably should all be studying deeply in the pages of the Deal Book Dead Tree Edition—sort of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s private equity firm that now seems to be competing with the older, more established Business Section—but it looks like Bess Levin has that covered. Leaving us free to follow along with the adventures of the young and not-so-innocent adventures of the soon to be graduating college seniors the Times has turned into bloggers. (Sigh. We remember when blogging was something you did in the listless years after college.)
Take Dartmouth’s Alice Mathias who clearly has a dysfunctional relationship with her future in finance. Well, at least, take “Alice Mathias” according to Gawker and the Economist. You see, this whole “The Graduates” blog is buried somewhere behind the Times Select subscription wall and you really, really couldn’t pay us enough to pay for a Times Select subscription. (And we're not sure the DealBreaker expense department will clear expense reports with the explanation that we want to read what college girls are up to these days). DealBook is free but we’re supposed to pay for the ramblings of kids still in college? No thanks. We’ll keep reading about people reading about “The Graduates.”
Here’s Gawker on Alice on Wall Street.

She seems torn about what to do after college, since most of her Dartmouth friends are going to be "crunching numbers at places like J.P. Bored-Again, Bored-Again Stanley, Merrill Lynching, Deutsche Bag, or Lame-Man Brothers. The other option is to do consulting at Bane." Those names sound funny, don't they? Well! "Note: these are fake names. Real names have been withheld to ward off any more competition for my well-paying job."

Dartmouth Gal To Not Spurn Well-Paid Future