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D-School For Wall Street?

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We often here the complaint that Wall Street is becoming too dominated by ivy-league type students who made the best grades, score well on aptitude tests and wield impressive quantitative skills. There's a fear that the financial community has become very good at rewarding the ability to succeed in routine-driven organizations to the detriment of the more entrepreneurial personalities. Or maybe its just that the old, dumb guys with the nice offices are scared by all those smart kids in the cubicles.
In the video above real estate empress Barbara Corcoran leaves no doubt about where she stands: the personality type that makes good grades makes for a bad entrepreneur. "I think the kids that are lousy at school in the end become the best entrepreneurs because they didn't succeed at a model that was dictated by the whole society we live in," she tells CNBC's Erin Burnett.
So, is this a problem for finance? Too many A students and not enough C students? Or is the real problem too many Ken Griffin style quants and not enough Leon Black philosophy majors? Or has the market got the mix just right? We'd like to hear from you. Leave your response in comments below.