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Dan Loeb: Ken Griffin Is A Gerbil

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Fortune’s big “unauthorized” profile of Citadel boss Ken Griffin in now online and it delivers exactly the kind of slimy dirt you were hoping for. There’s the vague intimations that Amaranth’s collapse was something of an inside job. There’s the sentence which stops short of calling Anne Griffin a “trophy wife” but just barely (“He's got the trophy home, obviously, and is married to a very attractive woman, the former Anne Dias.”)
Most of all, however, there’s the assessment leveled by Third Point’s Dan Loeb, who “apparently refers to Griffin as a ‘gerbil,” according to Fortune writer Marcia Vickers.
Vickers goes on to reveal an email Loeb sent to Griffin:

In 2005, after Griffin snagged an analyst from another shop, Loeb sent an e-mail to Griffin: "I find the disconnect between your self-proclaimed 'good to great, Jim Collins-esque' organization and the reality of the gulag you created quite laughable. You are surrounded by sycophants, but even you must know that the people who work for you despise and resent you. I assume you know this because I have read the employment agreements that you make people sign." Citadel declined comment, as did Loeb.

Sure, Loeb wouldn’t comment. Sure.
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