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Dartmouth Nabs Hank the Tank For Commencement 07.

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The signs of the approaching summer are everywhere. DealBreaker is hiring summer interns. The recruiting departments at all the Wall Street banks are in a frenzy preparing for their own summer interns. We're gearing up for our coverage of the follies of those same summer interns. Colleges and business schools are lining up commencement speakers.
The first big entry in this last category is Hank Paulson, who has been grabbed by Dartmouth. Paulson was an English major who graduated from Dartmouth with the class of 1968. Hank will be receiving an honorary degree at the ceremony. The college says it invited Hank because of his financial success and record of public service. We’re sure the fund-raising office had nothing to do with his selection.
Tuck’s ceremony will be graced by the presence of Harold W. "Terry" McGraw III, Chairman, President and CEO of the McGraw-Hill Companies. Do those kids up in Hanover know how to party of what. Terry is an animal, we hear.*
* Yeah. No. Not really. Not at all.
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