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DealBreaker Acquires SuperMogul: Hostile In A Friendly Way

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DealBreaker today hired a new contributing editor by acquiring his blog, SuperMogul.
New York-based, the world’s premier online Wall Street tabloid, said it had reached a definitive agreement to purchase SuperMogul, which it described as a “highly regarded website, published in blog format, aimed at an elite readership of c-level executives and people who want to read about that kind of person.”
The financial terms were not disclosed.
DealBreaker said the deal would close immediately and traffic to SuperMogul would redirect to DealBreaker’s main site.
SuperMogul’s editor, Keith Hahn, escaped an Ivy covered ivory tower only to land in a bulge-bracket financial institution which swore its bulge was 100% natural and not artificially augmented by thousands of meaningless acquisitions and/or a pair of wool socks. After re-enacting the first season of Prison Break, Hahn ended up in Private Equity, which, despite misleading nomenclature, did not give Keith the desired privacy to play Spider Solitaire in a totally uninterrupted manner.
Earlier this year Hahn was a guest editor at DealBreaker when editor-in-chief John Carney was on leave following a surprising change in traffic patterns on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. “Cars stopped stopping for pedestrians in cross-walks with green lights,” Carney explained. “I was caught off-guard.”
Carney refused to disclose the financial terms of the deal but described the sums involved as “vast and unholy.”
“This makes that pretty Citi deal to buy Pandit the bandit look like chump change,” he said.
Carney went on to describe the buyout of SuperMogul as “hostile in a friendly way.” He said the combined sites would be able to take advantage of "synergies, energies, silos, buckets, all that good stuff."
One analyst described his remarks as “demented,” noting that SuperMogul was already owned by DealBreaker’s parent company. “I don’t think you can do a hostile takeover of a non-publicly traded website your company already owns,” said Brock Fantasia.
“They’re just jealous of our innovative M&A stylings, yo,” Carney said.
Hahn joins Bess Levin as a contributing editor of the site.