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DealBreaker Mix & Match: Hedge Fund Wives and Convicts Edition

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This week’s New York is all about hedge funds: hedge funds, hedge funds, hedge funds. Hedge—that’s a funny word—say it ten times fast. Bet you can’t. Anyway, one of the features is called “Who Gets to Marry a Billionaire: Hedge-fund wives and where they come from,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. If you’ve come to think of DealBreaker as trite and misogynistic well, you’re dead on (and let us be the first to congratulate you on having a fantastic sense of smell).
For that very reason, we’ve decided that, instead of going with the proverbial “Who’s the hottest hedge fund wife,” to shake things up a bit. Drop some keys into the party bowl, if you will. Enter: front page article from this weekend’s Post about Lehman Brothers equity trader Josh Spitz’s prison psychiatrist wife being taken to task for having sex with an inmate. Where do the two stories converge? In Carney’s fantasies and in this morning’s interactive brain teaser:
Match the hedge fund wife with the corresponding inmate she’d have an affair with. We think you should base your guess on the personality of the HF manager she's married to but feel free to incorporate any other variable you see fit.

Who Gets to Marry a Billionaire? [NYM]


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