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Deduct Common Sense

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The 10 craziest tax deductions, according to Kiplinger:
1. Pet food for wild cats – if cats make your workplace safer, by eating snakes and rodents (Citi, per our reader survey, is immediately investing in these)
2. Moving your pet – the same as moving anything else when deducting moving expenses after an occupational switch
3. Business convention in Bermuda – you don’t even have to justify why your convention was in Bermuda, or why your boss is now orange
4. Body oil – if you can prove that it’s a business expense (in the same way astroglide makes banking easier?)
5. Private airplane – if you’re using it for various business purposes or can somehow prove that you live in the boonies and that there are no better commercial options (we hope MGM got to deduct the millions it spent on Soul Plane)
6. Babysitting fees – if you’re doing something charitable while your kids are with the sitter, like having a dinner where you actually have to talk to spouse 1.0 (the harpy) or spouse 2.0 (the much younger model who thinks she can talk to cats)
7. A boob job – again, if it’s for business (that analyst to associate promotion doesn’t hinge on your modeling skills)
8. Landscaping – if you meet people at your home and everyone does their business in your yard (hey, if that’s your thing…)
9. Free beer – if it’s part of a promotion for your business
10. Swimming pool – if you “require” it for medical purposes, you can deduct it as a medical expense
The lesson – when spending money on something frivolous, make sure you can justify it as a BUSINESS expense. Anyone deduct anything crazy this year (we promise the IRS doesn’t read this site)? By the way, the picture is of the IRS logo. The IRS, masters of image and branding, sporting the patriotic flying nutsac on a rope, buttressed by garland.
10 Craziest Tax Deductions – [Kiplinger, via AOL Money & Finance]


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