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Did Citigroup Cut 17,000 Jobs To Free Up The Money For Todd Thomson’s Next 1,000 Pieces of Ass Settlement Package?

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So the word on the street is that erstwhile Citigroup executive and Maria Bartiromo acquaintance Todd Thomson has reached an agreement with his former employer vis-à-vis severance. The bank declined to proffer the number to any media outlets, or even file anything with the SEC, which Michele Leder finds a bit fishy (which, in the parlance of the TT/$H-specific times, seems fitting.) Thomson did, however, tell FT that he’s “very pleased with the settlement” and is “excited to move on to some new opportunities.” We have no idea with package could be—though we heard a while back that the old boy was seeking $25 million. Considering that the cretins took away his pimp-mobile, 25+ seems extremely fair.
(Crossing Wall Street's Eddy Elfenbein's line on this: "I was really hoping for the headline, "Thomson Looking for New Partner," but no such luck." )
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