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Ernst & Young: Crescendo of awesomeness

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Ernst & Young with another entry into the Teambuilding Unintentional Humor Hall of Fame (thanks to a reader tip). If you missed yesterday's spiritually transcendent entry, or if you just need a pick-me-up, click here. The new entry is sans-video, but makes up for it in lyrical genius. The primary verse is "E-Y, E-Y, Ernst and Young! From top to finish, we're gonna be number #1," only with about 10 other interstitial vocal tracks coming in and screaming out a few syllables in a pitch I can only describe as Mariah Carey punched right in the baby maker. Much like Jimmy Page's guitar playing in "Ten Years Gone," a veritable wall of sound is created.
Listen here.
The constant repetition of "E-Y, E-Y" also makes the song sound like a rejected track from Terry Gilliam's Time Bandits.

PS - Time Bandits, if anyone recalls, has perhaps the greatest ending of any movie ever - where the main character's parents literally blow up, in a rather casual manner as far as exploding parents go, and then Sean Connery as a modern fireman (and pre-modern King Agamemnon) drives up and winks (can anyone find a clip of this?). That "your parents just exploded" wink. Credits. George Harrison chanting. I swear a couple of my staffers at JPM were directed by Gilliam. You have a stomach ulcer? Wink. Staffed on new project. Credits.