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Free Gift With Purchase

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That Pirate Capital/Aquila/Great Plains Web site and t-shirt combo deal? Apparently Platts—because they are legit—called the Jolly Rogers to find out how they decided upon this rather unorthodox tactic. Peter Desolge, a Pi-Cap analyst told Platts’s Bill Holland:

“We thought it was a novel way to reach shareholders of a company that has a large retail component. It is unique and new to the industry. It’s a good way to spread the word.”

So basically the swashbucklers got together and Tom Hudson was all—“let’s send them peg legs and eye patches!” And everyone else was like, “Okay, Spaz, settle down. But wait, Crazy, may be onto something: let’s play on our shareholders’ predilections for free shit!”
And thus: the proxy fights with souvenirs concept.
This will no doubt catch on quickly. So let’s get down to specifics now:
Solengo Capital (when it launches): "This is Confidential" bumper stickers, t-shirts, and mouse pads
Third Point: DVDs of “First Blood”
Chapman Capital: shark teeth
(The Dearly Departed) Amaranth (would’ve given out): a bomb

You’re obviously much better at this than us. Have at it below.