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Hedge Funds & Politics: Paul Tudor Jones Hedges the Presidential Election

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Paul Tudor Jones II’s is hedging his political bets. He donated to Republican Rudy Giuliani’s presidential “exploratory committee” (apparently that’s political speak for the campaign before the campaign). And next month he’s holding a big fund raiser for Democratic nomination hopeful Barack Obama, the New York Observer’s Politicker blog notes.

On May 19th, commodity trading billionaire Paul Tudor Jones II will host a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, according to a knowledgeable source. The event will be held at Jones' oceanfront Greenwich mansion, which reportedly sits on top of a 25-car garage.
More than 500 guests are expected to attend.

The Politicker implies that Jones may have dumped Giuliani in keeping with his reputation for getting out of losing investment positions. We’re not so sure. While we’re not exactly experts in presidential politics here at DealBreaker, it seems to us that this is not so much a strike against Rudy as much as Hillary. She’s supposed to be the candidate with all the pull on Wall Street (wife of Bill Clinton, connected to Citigroup's Robert Rubin) and her position as a senator from New York, should give her connections to nearby Greenwich, Connecticut’s hedge fund money. But Obama has been cleaning her clock when it comes to donations from the world of finance. And now he can add PTJII to the list.
Big Rudy Guy and Allan Houston to Raise Money for Obama [Politicker]


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