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Help Wanted: DealBreaker Summer Interns Gone Wild!

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The resumes are already starting to pour in but it's not too late. DealBreaker is still looking for summer interns and we might just be looking for you!
Our internships fall into two categories, editorial and graphics. For editorial interns we’d like someone interested in spending their summer writing, reporting, research and performing mild administrative tasks—things like making frozen margaritas for Bess. Ideal candidates will have an interest in finance, some writing experience, a mischievous sense of humor and a history of causing trouble.
We’re also looking to improve our graphics this summer through the use of slave labor with the help of a graphics intern. The ideal candidate will have a well-developed aesthetic sense, a desire to make pretty pictures on the internet and some experience using photoshop. We’re going to be providing original video and podcatsing content in the near future, so experience in podcasting, film-making or online video is a major plus. It will probably make your summer much more pleasant if you have some interest in finance as well.
DealBreaker internships are great resume building opportunities. This is a nice way of saying they are unpaid—although you can expect to receive cocktails and food on occasion. If you are a student, we will work with you to get credit for the position. Also you should keep in mind that DealBreaker internships are not dead-end jobs. Bess Levin started as an intern, and is now a full-time contributing editor.*
And now she’s also our internship coordinator, too! Send your resumes to bess (at) dealbreaker (dot) com. Include “Editorial Intern” or “Graphics Intern” in the subject line as appropriate.
*Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. This "help wanted" item contains forward looking statements that rely on certain assumptions, projections and flat-out baloney that the management of DealBreaker believes to be reasonable or at least knows how to spell.