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He's Probably Also Angling For Piece of Angelina

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Former Comverse exec and current Kobi Alexander is in the process of establishing a scholarship fund in Namibia, worth $150 million in Namibian currency. The fund’s goal is it support top students to “further their studies in science and technology,” and translates to about $21,300 U.S. For those of you who like to read into things—perhaps with due cause—Alexander’s extradition hearing begins tomorrow. (Kobi moved his family to Namibia last year after his role in an alleged stock-option scheme was brought to light.)
We’re not quite sure how to feel about this. One the one hand, he’s supporting education and people in need. And that’s nice; humanity and all that. But on the other hand, this man is an alleged criminal; we don’t want his blood money (and we speak for the children of Namibia, too). That’s right—even we have standards. (We will continue, however, to support the Save A Whale with AIDS Foundation.)