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Is Becky Quick Crushing On Andrew Ross Sorkin?

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It’s not like we saw them “canoodling” at the Spotted Pig. (Actually, it's not like we even know what "canoodling" is or if that's how it's spelled.)
But CNBC's Becky Quick and DealBook's Andrew Ross Sorkin definitely “shared a moment” just now on Morning Call. The topic under discussion was Trader Monthly’s hedge fund players list. Becks starts off the segment by saying that she’s not surprised that ARS is going to argue that the list shows that hedge fund land is now dominated by young hot-shots.
“I’m not sure why you’d think I would take that position,” ARS replied.
“Well, because you’re a young hot-shot, Andrew,” Becks said.
Mmmm. Sounds like somebody’s got a crush.