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It's Not Over 'til It's Over

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Occasionally, we have readers who request specific information. One tenacious reader has repeatedly expressed interest in one topic of conversation: Maria and Todd. (Yes, you thought the topic was dead. And it was. But not for a man we’ll call “Bob”.) "Bob" would like more information re: the $ Honey and Todd Thomson and what we’re planning to do about the whole thing; we figured your opinions would help us help “Bob” greatly. Yes, No, Maybe? Do it for “Bob.”

March 19, 2007
Hi Jack Carney and Bess Levin,
Tried to locate a phone on you but, no dice. PLEASE…Please call or write me about the end result of the Maria Bartiromo/Todd Thomson thing. Could it be an illicit sexual affair???? I realize without proof…pictures, video and the like…you’d be open for litigation. I haven’t seen a paper say the two were unfaithful to each others spouses…same medicine. How about Bartiromo guilty of adultery with Thomson.
I believe they had it going. I wanted to hear from you. it was like Maria Bartiromo refuse dto be interviewed…(period) End of story. Todd Thomson could not be reached for comment…(period)…end of story. Anybody think to try again? GOD spoke in the form of CNBC officials: Maria has done nothing improper/wrong….(period)….end of story.
The 11 or 12 trips in the Citigroup jet to places where Maria spoke…probably cool going…but, what do you think they did coming home???? Right.
I won’t belabour this…you helped display the story and we all believe if they were going to fire Thomson over the China jet (the two alone)…then they shoulda fired Bartiromo.
Remember the your post Bess, Date Feb. 27…Bad day at Black Rock.
The cfo referred to Thomson.
The Maria…Bartiromo.
Someone ought to start digging again…and why…WHY…HAVE WE NOT HEARD ANYTHING FROM THE WRONGED HUSBAND?....Jonathan Steinberg. Give him a call at Individual Investing.

March 21, 2007
Hey Bess…
I have only recently begun to follow Dealbreaker and now I think I am hooked. Fascinated by the “CNBC Get Animated” piece. Are you insinuating that all Todd Thomson got from Maria was some head? I wish someone would come out with a video or a DVD soemthing to nail the two. I still think it sucks that Thomson even though he was aggressive, lost his position and Maria still works. I find it strange that Maria left N.Y. Monday nite the 19th and she isn’t asked to report from there until tomorrow (Thursday the 22nd) whats she doin’ with all that time? Have you found if Todd Thomson has joined her there?????? Keep swingin. Bob.

March 23, 2007
Maria Bartiromo very happily stated, “next week we’ll be coming for London…some economic summit.” This was Sunday nite’s WSJ report. Maybe you can check if she’ll be flying PRIVATE or COMMERCIAL. Too bad GE can’t afford a plane for one of their own…isn’t it? No more Citigroup.

March 25, 2007
Hard copy of a post about the $H and TT. Whole thing circled and a note that reads: DON’T FORGET ABOUT THIS.

And the latest:

(NB: Each of these letters came with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Don’t think we won’t be peeling those off for personal use.)