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Jamie Dimon: "We're going. We're leaving. We're really going-- don't try and stop us."

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Just in case you were worried that JP Morgan was going to make good on its “threat” to ship off to Stamford (who were they threatening? Their own employees?), DealBook notes that the move is, in all likelihood, a bluff. Also: a cheap and what will (probably) turn out to be an unsuccessful attempt to get New York to raise its $100 million incentive offer to the $650 million it gave Goldman Sachs in 2005 (would you give your mistress a diamond the same size as the one you gave your wife? Actually, that analogy doesn’t quite work).
Even the mayor of Stamford, Dannel Malloy knows he and his city are just a pawn in Jamie Dimon’s (incredibly) passive aggressive attempt, telling the Stamford Advocate, “It’s a little leverage. I’m not holding my breath.”
J.P. Morgan in Stamford? Even the Mayor Has Doubts [DealBook]