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Kailix Advisors Website Vanishes And Returns

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The website for the The Blackstone Group’s Kailix Advisors was down for several hours this morning after Roddy Boyd’s story mentioned it in today’s New York Post. Kailix is a hedge fund owned by Blackstone, the private equity firm which recently announced its plans to sell limited partnership equity shares to the public. Blackstone could not explain the temporary disappearance of the website.
“I’m surprised,” Blackstone’s John Ford told DealBreaker. He said he had not heard the website was down until we mentioned it to him. Ford said that the website was not intentionally removed. He doubts, however, that the website might have been brought down by a flood a visitors following the Post story. "We get several thousand visitors a day," he said.
While the website was down, there was some speculation that Blackstone had intentionally removed the site for fear that there was something inappropriate about the promises of access and knowledge from its hedge fund.
Kailix fund's public filings demonstrated that the fund’s management is “not shy about using the unprecedented access afforded its private equity teams to make a series of concentrated bets,” the Post said.
The Post also pointed to Kailix’s website, which also emphasized the fund’s access to “high level contacts” and “in-house knowledge” available at Blackstone. It mentions that the fund expects “to benefit from Blackstone’s relationships, resources and reputation.”
Some readers doubted the accuracy of the Post story, noting that Kailix is a “stand alone HF” but the now-removed website of Kailix makes clear that while the fund might stand alone, the full forces of the ‘Stoners stand firmly behind it. It seems clearly designed so that investors understand that they are not just investing—and paying for fund management from—a few money managers at Blackstone; they are getting the full Blackstone treatment.
“I actually got in touch with guys who said they put money into this fund because it offers cross-pollination with the historically unprecedented access that Blackstone gets,” Roddy Boyd told DealBreaker this afternoon.
The Kailix Advisors website was back online by the time this item went to press. There were no apparent changes to the site.
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