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Masters of the Universe Drinking Game

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The best part of yesterday’s extra-special DealBook on Dead Trees (DBODT, pronounced “De-Bod-Tea”) section of the New York Times wasn’t just that it gave you something extra not to recycle. It was that Masters of the Universe chart. DealBook described it as a portrait of the ecosystem of our contemporary dealmakers but we thought it looked more like a board game. A drinking board game, of course.
Here’s how it works. First, click on the picture above and print out the huge version of the game board. (We’d say you can use the version in yesterdays paper but let’s be realistic. You totally already threw that away.) Second, every player places a quarter on one of the dealmakers names who they have met. Play passes to the right of whoever is the tallest player (arbitrary but effective way of figuring out who goes first). Each player takes his turn by moving the quarter from one dealmaker he has met to another dealmaker he has met. The trick is that the movement must be along the connection lines on the gameboard.
Players who do not have an available move—they have run into a dead-end because they don’t know anyone—must take a drink in order to advance to a new spot on the board. Players who reach any of the white spots on the board representing the deals themselves may try to flip their quarter into a cup of beer. After successfully sinking the quarter and drinking the beer, that player may then eliminate one other player.
Last player left on the board wins. And gets to keep everyone else’s quarters.
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