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Mission Impossible IV: Merrill Gains Ground on the Top 4 in the League Tables This Year

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Crazy Mogul Tom Cruise has the bull by the horns, as it looks like Merrill will have to pony up $500mm to Cruise's United Artists because it couldn't find anyone batty enough to go in with Cruise on the deal. From DealBook:

Merrill Lynch may end up becoming a full partner in Tom Cruise’s United Artists, according to The New York Post. The Post reports that negotiations between Merrill Lynch and UA over a $500 million film-financing package are being held up because the investment bank is having trouble finding a partner for the equity portion of the deal and the bank may end up putting up the cash itself.

A song Stan O'Neal probably has on loop right now, sung by Troubadour Mogul Jonathan Coulton:

Merrill May Partner Up With Cruise’s United Artists – [DealBook]