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More Money Honey Apartment Voyeurism

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We’ve got more details on the Money Honey’s new hive. As we mentioned yesterday, the queen bee of CNBC’s anchors has reportedly picked up an upper east side townhouse for $6.5 million. Now Big Time Listings—a celebrity real-estate blog—has further reporting on the new place. (Including that picture to the left, which seems to be of Maria’s new bedroom.)

Features in the townhouse, which is in Manhattan’s Treadwell Farm area, include four and a half baths, four fireplaces, moldings, hardwood floors, high ceilings, a new kitchen, gas heat, a five-zone central air conditioning system, an ADT security system with two cameras and a flat-screen monitor, new double-windows, an audio system throughout, and all-new mechanicals, according to listing information. Public records show that the townhouse was built in 1899 and measures 3,708 square feet.

Perhaps most interesting is the economics of the place. Maria and her husband seem to have driven a hard bargain, picking it up for less than the asking price. In fact, according to Big Time Listings, they paid less than what the house went for in 2004. No wonder she’s the Money Honey.
More pictures through the links below. And, after the jump, the floor plan.

CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo pays $6.5 million for Manhattan townhouse
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