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Morgan Stanley Hires Vindicated Former Duke Lax Player

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Former Duke University lacrosse captain David Evans has landed a job at Morgan Stanley, Deal Journal reports. Evans was one of the Duke lacrosse players victimized by false accusations of a rape that never happened.*
From Deal Journal:

Now Evans has gained the trust of Morgan Stanley Chief Executive John Mack, a Duke alum and trustee (class of ‘68) who went to bat for Evans after serious questions were raised about the case against he and his two former teammates.
Evans now has landed one of the most prestigious jobs on Wall Street, Deal Journal has learned. Morgan Stanley has hired Evans, who graduated in May 2006, as part of its analyst program. Landing a plum job — which is paying well into the six-figure range these days — has to be a satisfying end to a bitter sequence of events for Evans since the rape allegations surfaced in March 2006.
The 24-year-old Maryland native had a job lined up at J.P. Morgan Chase’s investment bank that was rescinded in the wake of his May 2006 indictment, with the bank telling him it probably wasn’t the best time to be starting a new job. After he was cleared recently, J.P. Morgan came back to Evans and made a new offer, which he declined.

Also: a self-serving district attorney who will likely be disbarred for his conduct in the case, a gullible media, faculty and university administration all too eager to believe a story about privileged whites abusing a poor African American woman and a public culture too willing to accept verdict first trial by publicity.

Accused Former Duke Lax Player Lands Morgan Stanley Job
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