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New Investment Strategy: MotherRock, Paper, Scissors

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He might not've known it at the time, but hurricane-loving icthyophile Brian Hunter had started a trend. Blow up fund, start new one. Rinse and repeat. And Bo Collins, formerly with the now-defunct MotherRock is following in suit. Though it allegedly will not be turned into a hedge fund, Business Week’s Matthew Goldstein reports that Bo and several former MotherRock colleagues are starting a venture called 1618 Group, with tens of millions raised already from one investor. The group will be managing the generous (foolish, unwise, crazy) man’s money by “trading energy contracts and investing in energy-related private equity deals."
Sadly, Collins does not share Hunter’s love of great food and fine wine, and choose not to name the Two Buck Chuck (though Franzia was apparently a strong contender). Bo (overconfidently?) picked 1618 in reference to the Greek “golden ratio” (1.6180339887). (De Divina Proportione claims the ratio’s application yields “pleasing, harmonious proportions” and psychologists believe that it factors in the humans’ perceptions of beauty. So if not a major money maker, Collins’s venture is sure to be sexy beast).
While we haven’t yet obtained any of 1618’s “private” documents, if they’re as “confidential” as Solengo, it’ll only be a matter of time. (We kid the Solengists).
Will Bo Collins' Second Act Be Golden? [Business Week]