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NYSE And REG NMS: The Mystery Continues

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Why can’t we get a straight answer on this? Last week we reported that a source familiar with the market regulation work at the Securities and Exchange Commission had told DealBreaker that the New York Stock Exchange is still not in compliance with government regulations meant secure the best price available for stock traders. The NYSE had said that it would not meet a deadline for compliance in March but little has been reported or disclosed since. Neither the NYSE nor the SEC will comment on the record or off the record about the matter.
It’s this kind of thing that makes us turn on the little red alert lights here at DealBreaker. If the NYSE is fully compliant wouldn’t it be eager to get that news out to reporters making inquiries? The refusal to comment seems to speak volumes here, and those volumes seem to be titled We’re Still Not Complying.
Four days after our original story ran and still nothing from the regulators or the exchange, despite repeated requests for information. We know that other business journalists are looking into this now so it’s only a matter of time before this story spreads.
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