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NYSE : Not Dancing With Starsia For 18 Months

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They may not be in compliance with Reg NMS,* but the NYSE does care about regulating outright criminals (for the most part). Paul Starsia, a biotech analyst was served with an 18-month ban from the industry yesterday for (“allegedly”) doing one of those things that’s frowned upon by regulators where you have a secret brokerage account and use it to trade against your own recommendations.
Most recently with Standard & Poor’s, Starsia did his best work at Swiss American Securities. It was from his activity there that Starsia racked up a smorgasbord of charges, including his failure to disclose that secret account, his violation of “no-trade window” rules, and the whole profiting from the strategy of betting against his own reccomendations. Starsia reportedly accepted the ban without admitting or denying the allegations.
Look for his tell-all on a video offering from in 18.
*Or maybe they are and for some reason just aren't willing to say they are. Hey, NYSE, you sure were quick to respond when we reported on your exeuctive's air travel. Give us a ring, okay? It's not Cabo but it's...something.
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