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(P.S. Nobody Say Anything About The Shanghai Surprise. It Never Happened. What Never Happened? Exactly.)

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We’re not trying to insinuate that FT’s piece on John Thain sounded like it came from The Desk of John Thain or someone as equally into the old boy as, well, the old boy but if you want to glean that, that’s fine by us. If you’re interested in hearing about how great Mr. Thain is but are also the sort of person who values your time, join us after the jump.

+“If John Thain wanted to gloat, few would blame him.”
+Thain had a lot of skeptics, re: merger with Euronext.
+Thain quickly became less popular in Europe than George Bush (and, unlike the Dubya, didn’t have the comfort of the Saudis’ shoulders to cry on. They are a surprisingly comforting bunch-- always have chamomile tea and tissues on hand.)
+People were also skeptical about whether or not Thain could successfully pull off that whole hybridization deal.
+Thain “overcame the skeptics.” One-- Larry Tabb of Tabb Group—was even “amazed.”
+The skeptics, as punishment for being skeptical, had to eat crow (not really that big a deal, btw. Duncan Niederauer has plans to make his skeptics hunt and feast on New York City pigeons.)
+The NYSE’s market share has “fallen significantly” but apparently no one gives a F.
+The Nasdaq lost its bid for the LSE; John Thain danced a little victory dance in his office (topless).
+Thain’s Asian fetish is being sated: the NYSE has “announced a closer business relationship with the Tokyo Stock Exchange.”
+He may be the next Citigroup chief executive.
+He may be the next secretary of the Treasury.
+He may be the next person to be pre-approved for a Visa check card by mail.
In the Spotlight: John Thain - Exchange chief who defies the odds [FT via MSNBC]