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Portfolio Lands On The Streets With A Loud Yet Tastefully Businesslike...Thunk!

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It’s finally here. The business magazine that will change the way you spell Portfolio—it’s now spelled with some silly foreign currency symbol instead of an “f”—hits the newsstands today. The first issue of Conde Nast's Portfolio is enormous—332 pages.
The table of contents of the first issue reads a bit like it was written by DealBreaker readers: lots and lots of stuff about hedge funds and private equity firms. Ken Griffin? Check! T. Boone Pickens? Check! Money culture? Double check with Tom Wolfe on top! Attempts to broaden the discussion with talk about automotive and newspaper sectors? Check and check.
We’re just tearing into the first issue and it’s full and frothy website. We’ll keep updating you on what we find throughout the day.
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