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Portfolio Watch (the “Conde Nast” Portfolio)

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Other than looking a little confused when holding up the premierepremier first issue, Jon Stewart’s interview with Matt Cooper about his Valerie Plame piece in Portfolio aired Monday without any discussion of the mag. This, despite Cooper's insistence that he was entirely focused on promoting Portfolio. Here's a quote from Cooper in the Portfolio blog:

I still haven't seen the show. I've been on the road promoting Portfolio in Atlanta and now on to Minneapolis and haven't had Comedy Central in my hotel rooms. But I'll be curious what it looked like.
The interview was good. Jon is tough on the press as everyone who watches the show knows so I found myself defending a profession that I think he rightly critiques most nights but kept trying to bring it back to the mag because, hey, that's what I was there to promote.

By "bring it back to the mag" Cooper meant not talking about the mag at all. Papa Nast cannot be happy - it's one chance to develop some street-cred with the "younger than Tom Wolfe" generation was squandered.
Does it sadden anyone that the Daily Show is reaching for guests in the depths of Portfolio? I don’t know whether that speaks more to Daily Show guest bookings or Portfolio’s insta-“prestige.” At least it’s a bit amusing that Portfolio needs to be referred to as “Conde Nast” Portfolio just to seem legit. You need to pump at least $125mm into your magazine launch for branding.
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