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Searches will be separate, but will they be equal?

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Google is about to incorporate an algorithm that changes searches based on the personal information of logged-in users. The change will happen in the coming weeks.
Yahoo disagrees with Google’s approach (and continually surpassing estimates), from the Wall Street Journal:

Yahoo Inc. says it has experimented with using search histories to tailor results for individuals, but it doesn't favor this approach -- at least partly because the results didn't differ enough for users to see a big impact. Eckart Walther, Yahoo's vice president of product for Web search, says the company's research shows there are perils to personalizing search results. "If you get it right, people really like it," he says. "If you get it wrong, they dislike it even more."

Should a search engine differentiate between users and alter its service accordingly? Isn’t this a reduction in user control? Are the algorithms taking over? When will a search engine first be charged with discrimination based on provided results? Your thoughts?
Search Engines Seek to Get Inside Your Head – [WSJ via AOL]