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Some Hirsute Housekeeping

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Not sure why you would care about this but the Dealbreaker audience never fails to surprise us in what gets you off (Sam Zell, Pirate Capital news, pictures of Carney without his kilt on). Donald Trump apparently dodged a bullet yesterday when he—actually, his proxy, Bobby Lashley—beat World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon’s stand-in, Umaga, in a “Battle of the Billionaires” match.
The deal was that whoever lost (or whoever’s kept boy lost) would have to go bald. Trump, in an effort to make sure his hairpiece would see another day, “wasn’t just a cheerleader” and apparently “leaped off his feet at one point and drove McMahon into the ground, then pummeled him with some closed-fisted punches,” which sounds about right.
As an aside, the FAA, NSA, and Homeland Security are refusing to confirm or deny any involvement The Donald's hair had on the attacks on New York, some years back. Sources within the security agencies, however, have made veiled allusions to Mohammed Atta's obsession with the guy’s rug. Now: are we saying that The Don’s hair was responsible for 9/11? No. Of course not. But only because that would be libel.
Donald Trump wins, keeps his 'do intactSee especially the video.[Yahoo! News]