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Steve Schwarzman’s Apartment: Not Quite As Big As Reported

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Steve Schwarzman’s apartment is giant, huge and “the best l’il apartment in New York City,” writes Michael Gross. But it’s not quite as big or as expensive as a recent profile in The Business describes it.
Gross, who quite literally wrote the book on the building at 740 Park Avenue containing Schwarzman’s apartment, notices that The Business describes the apartment as having 34 bedrooms and a last-selling price of $39 million. Wrong on both counts, according to Gross. It’s not a 34 bedroom apartment. It’s merely a 34 room apartment. (Unless Schwarzman has recently converted all the rooms to bedrooms. In which case, short Blackstone. Schwarzman’s lost it.) And Schwarzman didn’t fork over $39 million. He paid about $10 million less than that.
But if Schwarzman is disappointed that his apartment isn’t quite as big as the fervid imagination of writer Ian Watson would have it, he can at least smile at the fancy-nancy pedigree of his apartment. “Built for Mayflower descendent George Brewster, it was then occupied in turn by John D. Rockefeller Jr. [and] Saul Steinberg,” before passing into the top ‘Stoners hands, Gross writes.
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