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The Poetry of Dan Loeb: A Study In Language

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Third Point founder Dan Loeb has often been noted for his “poison pen” or “venomous tongue.” But focusing on the toxic properties of his letters to corporate executives and boards—and we’re not saying they aren’t enjoyably poisonous—risks missing their truly poetic value.
Loeb specializes in rhythmic alliteration and internal “sound rhymes.” In his recent letter to letter to the board of PDL Biopharma he writes, “Unfortunately, our initial optimism that we could work constructively with management quickly faded through a series of subsequent telephone calls with Mr. McDade, culminating in a "slap-in-the face" on Friday, April 6th, in which it became abundantly clear that Mr. McDade has no intention of pursuing a constructive dialogue.”
The starting gambit of repeated O sounds—unfortunately, our, optimism—gives way to a back and forth between consonant sounds. We, work, with plays off could, constructively, quickly. Then the W is exchanged for the S in its back-and-forth with C: series, subsequent, slap, calls, culminating. The word Face plays a special role, bringing together the alphabetical C and the audible S. Loeb drops away from the pattern until he returns to “constructive” which incorporates all the sounds he played with earlier—O, S, C—with the notable exception of W—the sound that was used for the togetherness words we, work, with. The message of the language: we’re not working with you anymore.
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