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Trader Monthly Rankings Spark Cat Fight

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Despite their funds’ failure to do jack last year*, Art Samberg and Louis Bacon, of Pequot Capital Management and Moore Capital, both took home hefty ransoms at around $250 million and $400 million, respectively. Some people think this is an outrage, and not just the Lilliputian kind, like Tom Hudson’s leaky deck.
Roddy Boyd notes that two of Moore’s biggest funds (a global bond fund and a global multi-strategy fund) returned a paltry 5% and 11.4% through mid-December, versus the 7.52% and 12.99% returned by comparable indexes from
Some eyebrow raisers may be reacting out of petty jealousy—which is really the only way to do it—as Samberg and Bacon both made Trader Monthly’s “TM 100 list” this year, a ranking of Wall Street’s highest earners (guess we know how they pulled off that one, wink, wink). They don’t actually care that S and B are THIEVING (caps imply that we do, btw), but that they inched out two more worthy individuals from a place on that coveted list. When you’re that rich, it’s not the money that matters, it’s the street cred.
FT Alphaville argues that these rankings mean nothing, “stupid” (those Brits get cheeky when it comes to this shit!). But FT and Co. were probably not aware of the fact that a place on this list is a coveted, coveted position, and not to be taken lightly, not because it actually means anything or is indication that your maid's salary is triple mine, but because, apparently, Trader Monthly is in the business of giving out fantastic swag like the engraved item pictured above. That alone makes a little bitching and elbowing worth it.
Hedge fund rankings: it’s all about risk, stupid [FT Alphaville]
*Before you leave a rant in the comments, note that we use this phrase liberally. We know that they actually made a few bill. last year.


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