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Update: Bess Levin in Waziristan, DealBreaker experiences quarterly editorial staff growth of 50%

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Don’t be alarmed – Bess Levin is set to return to DealBreaker in full capacity on Monday.
She is currently on assignment in the mountainous region of North Waziristan, having been chased out of South Waziristan by a particularly conservative fat-tailed sheep indigenous to the area. Levin is currently profiling the burgeoning detritus market along the Tochi River (her take away so far: “bullish on shale, skeptical of pumice’s recent gains”) as part of our new “Markets Gone Wild” feature.
Levin took Steve “Where’s His Other Hand” Schwarzman to be her male guardian, as Waziri tribes require a male to oversee every household, tent and small mound in the region. Levin is enjoying her first extended assignment, Schwarzman’s DS Lite and North Waziristan’s convenient open border with the Khost province of Afghanistan, where you can buy fireworks and go to strip clubs when you’re 18.
In much less significant news, I will be returning to DealBreaker full-time, after my hiatus trapped under a giant (ok, so not that giant) mogul.



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