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Urban Cougar Katie Couric Lands Semi-Employed Former Hedge Fund Guy

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To be honest, if the headline involves Katie Couric we’re probably not reading the story. That’s why we skipped Page Six’s scoop on Katie Couric’s new “boy toy” Brooks Perlin. But we shouldn’t have. The thirty-three year old Perlin is a three-time hedge fund washout, according to the Sixers.

Not only has Perlin worked for three Connecticut-based hedge funds in the last five years, he hasn't had a full-time job since September, a source told the Post's Marianne Garvey.
He last worked at Keel Capital Management in Stamford but left to start a Queens-based company that creates environmentally friendly, green-building products. Before that, the spin-class-obsessed triathlete worked for a short time at both Pequot Capital Management and Grange Park, a hedge fund that's now closed..

The Sixers also note that Perlin has a history of dating older women so it may be slightly inappropriate to apply the “urban cougar” label to her. After all, cougars are predators and Couric may just be aging prey. But we have to admit we enjoyed underthecounter's extended metaphor: "Dangerous animals stalk all corners of Wall Street. Tiger Cubs come to mind, and although Chase Coleman might be hitting the ball out of the park, not all Tiger Cubs are quite so fearsome. The latest big hunt on the Street involves a cougar."
Note to UTC: next time include sharks, dogs, hogs, cows, vultures and John Mack.
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