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What If Rod Stewart Ran Blackstone?

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We all knew Steve Schwarzman was a big fan of Rod Stewart. Earlier this year the Blackstone Group founder paid $1 million to have the rocker play at his 60th birthday bash. But apparently the private equity king doesn’t just want to hear Rod Stewart. He wants to be Rod Stewart.
Radar’s Fresh Intelligence reports:

On Friday, Schwarzman attended another 60th birthday celebration, for the New York Jets's Woody Johnson. The dress code for the event at Doubles called for costumes and wigs, and Schwarzman, in what could only be described as the super-rich-guy version of wearing your favorite band's T-shirt to one of their concerts, came as Stewart.

Is this what Schwarzman meant when he described dealmaking as an out-of-body experience?

Rich Guy to Rod Stewart: Yes, I Want Your Body