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What's Happening In This Picture?

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a. Taller guy is teasing shorter guy about being vertically challenged: “I won’t process your trade until you hit my hand. Hit it; hit it; you can’t hit it ‘cause you’re so short!”
b. You can’t see it, but behind the camera, there’s another guy, and the three men are currently in the midst of one intense game of Monkey in the Middle.
c. “Sieg heil!”
d. “No, seriously, I switched over to Speed Stick and I’m telling you, no stains, no smells. It’s like I’m a new man.”
e. Guy just sunk the game-winning three in the first round of Trader Detritus Basketball (TDB)
f. Super Trader is about to take flight.
g. TRADE: a renowned non-traditional dance that uses the body and ordinary objects to create percussive physical theatre performance. (What’s the sound of someone stomping his foot and banging two Bloomberg terminals together? The sound of all that is good and pure in the world.)
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