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When Ernst & Young...

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We’re a little late to this (via Valleywag via M&A++), but here is an Ernst & Young offering to the Teambuilding Unintentional Humor Hall of Fame. This one may be better than HSBC’s “Let’s Live It.” The video, slick “how do you pack all those classic 80’s hits on one CD!?” production quality and all, is a four and a half minute send-up of the Gospel favorite “Oh Happy Day.” The lead, less Mahalia Jackson and more a person picked to play Amy Grant in the fifth run of an off-Broadway musical about her life, takes us to a very special place with lyrics like, “When Ernst & Young… (wait for it) When Ernst & Young …(second verse same as the first)… When Ernst & Young… (ok, seriously?).“ At least “when Jesus washed” contains a verb, unless Ernst-ing is something cool I haven’t heard of yet.

Corporate Culture – [M&A++]