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Where is Foster Winans?

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The last time we checked in with Foster Winans he was arguing for repealing the insider trading laws. Winans, you might recall, is the former Wall Street Journal reporter who was charged with insider trading for tipping a stock broker off about items that would run in his “Heard On The Street” column. As we noted in March, Winans broke new ground in insider trading, more or less inventing an entirely new way to trade on insider information.
So what’s Winans doing these days? The latest issue of Fortune tracks down a dozen or so headline-makers from years past. Foster, it turns out, is living back in his hometown of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where he makes a living ghost-writing books.
Foster isn’t shy about his opinions of our insider trading laws. "Maybe it's time they just made it legal. I'm only half-kidding," he tells Fortune.
A little over a month ago, Winans actually stopped by DealBreaker to drop us a comment on insider trading. “There is much more to be said but the one aspect that seems to be overlooked about this issue is that there is rarely a situation when someone can know 100% that inside information is going to make them money,” Winans wrote. “One could "know" that a bid is coming for TXU, but there is market risk, industry dynamics, and a host of other variables.” He recommended readers check out the writings of former Libertarian Party presidential nominee Harry Browne.
Others featured in Fortune's "Where are they Now" article include the only woman to run a hostile takeover, the woman who lost control of Enron to Jeff Skilling and the guy who ran Drexel Burnham Lambert in the days of Michael Milken.
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