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Who let the dogs out at Microsoft?

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Take the fairly simple premise that you aren't allowed to put pictures of canines in your workplace because Bill Gates had nights terrors after watching Cujo, add Valleywag, and you get CONTROVERSY. Valleywag heard from a friend who heard from another friend that you aren't allowed to put pictures of dogs in your workstation at Microsoft. The justification from Microsoft, according to the source, was that "some people just hate dogs, yo" without any explicit allusion to the Muslim belief that dogs are inherently unclean. Does anyone have any more dirt on this (tips at dealbreaker dot com)? Is this a first in the American workplace - in terms of banning something so innocuous and fundamental to the general aesthetic of your assistant's cubicle? Is Microsoft instead controlled by ancient Egyptians (i.e. - aliens) and is anti-dog out of reverence to cats, or an aversion to the death cult of Anubis? Is this just Valleywag pulling a "Calcanis wants Imus to start a new media network" on us?
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