Backstreet Boys reunion tour coming to NYC!


The Backstreet Boys are coming to NYC, performing live at the Supreme Court of New York County. The still-wishing-they-were-pubescent outfit claims boy band impresario Lou Pearlman and Trans Continental Records (TCR) still owe around $4mm to cover subsequent career mistakes of individual group members. The group maybe should have realized they were getting a bum deal when they paid Lou over $29mm in 2000 to be freed from future contractual obligations in the first place. The current suit was originally filed in Florida but has since moved to New York because of the humidity.
Unfortunately, Lou Pearlman and TCR are bankrupt, and Lou has some legal troubles of his own after conducting one of the most lucrative (documented) Ponzi schemes ever. Pearlman used his Trans Continential Airlines aircraft leasing company as a front to set up a falsely FDIC certified savings program that promised a 6-8% return. Now, everyone is suing the hyper-extended LP (including a NYC dentist, and 1,800 others), and his assets are in liquidation (including his Rolls, with a steering column that gave Justin Timberlake just enough head room). He's since left the country and no one can find the guy (authorities thought he was here until the last minute).
People (admit it) apparently bought 86,000 Backstreet Boy albums last year.
Backstreet Boys still got it goin' on []


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