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Bancroft Family Member Speaks

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Yesterday a Bancroft clan meeting took place in Boston to discuss various ennui of the whole News Corp. offer-shtick (Will scantily clad pictures of the genetically blessed Murdoch spawn, Lachlan, be included in the deal? Were Rupert and Colonel Sanders separated at birth?). What transpired? As is the norm for this as-exciting-as-backdating story, a whole lot of nothing. Some people (William Cox Jr., his four children, who together control 15% of the family’s total Class B shares) didn’t even show up, though it didn’t stop them from weighing in on the situation. Christopher Bancroft said that he opposes the sale to News Corp., fearing that it would threaten the Journal’s independence. Viewed as an “influential” member of the family, with his two siblings, Bancroft controls roughly one-third of the family’s stake in Dow Jones, and is also one of the company’s sixteen directors.
Yesterday Bancroft said that he’s “open to any situation that benefits the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones and its shareholders. At the moment, I don’t see anything that would do that.” He added that he has a “strong emotional connection to the paper” and doesn’t want to “pull the rug out” on the staff, who he feels responsible for. Bancroft said that he even sent replies to letters from fifty Journal reporters (it’s unclear if these were actual letters or email letters but the sentiment is duly noted).
Meanwhile, there’s a bunch of unexpressed anger going on within the family. Some—mostly the younger Bancrofts—feel they haven’t truly been included in the decision making process. The youth vote also wants to explore the idea of a third-party investor, as the question as been raised regarding whether or not Dow Jones can survive on its own. And of course there’s the heated debate over who should’ve been covering “Pinch” Sulzberger when he stole home during the Bancroft-Sulzberger Kick-Ball Jamboree of ’89. But that's been brewing for a while, and doesn’t really have much to do with News Corp.
Key Dow Jones Holder Cites Opposition To Murdoch Bid [WSJ]