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Bank of America agony pricing UPDATE

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Yesterday we mentioned that we heard through the Streetvine that BoA was paying a bunch of analyst recruits $50k to defer BoA employment for a year. We wondered if there was something BoA wasn't telling us, and if the move is an indication that entry level hiring across the Street is contracting.
It turns out, according to some BoA folk, most of the deferrment offers are due to space limitations at 9 W 57th. These limitations will be solved by the new Bryant Park building, but that won't open for at least another year or two. What ended up happening - a fair chunk of the incoming BoA analyst class (around 30-40 people) was offered relocation to a non-NYC BoA office. The people who didn't want to relocate got $50k to start up in NYC next year.
How does BoA overestimate its entry level capacity by that many people? Were they expecting that much more end of year attrition? Did they hire a bunch of sadists over the past several years who mostly decided to stay in banking?