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Bank of America prices anticipation of agony at $50k

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The paring down of personnel on trading desks across the Street has been well documented over the past year. Are I-banking analysts next? We've just heard that Bank of America is paying at least 18 analyst recruits from this year $50k to take a hike and come back next year. Is this a sign of an impending "healthy correction" in the entry level job market on Wall Street or isolated to BoA? Regardless, $50k is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion. That's a good non-financial entry level job in Manhattan. Or, better yet, a super sweet share our east within walking distance to the beach.
The price of agony deferral has more than doubled in the past 5 years. The last time this happened to bulge bracket firms was after the bubble burst in 2001, when JPMorgan (we believe other banks did the same), gave analysts $20k to defer full-time ankle holding for a year.
Accenture did the same thing (when it was trying to distance itself from Enron-smacked Arthur Andersen) with a bevy of 2001/2002 consultant recruits, but only paid $10k and didn't end up taking several of the people back at the end of the year.
If anyone has any more stories about (or more info on) paid employment deferrals, or how you spent deferral money to go on an incredible trip to Southeast Asia while we were toiling away at our desks, please share, post racy photos, or send to: tips at dealbreaker dot com.