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BoA 300 (divided by 10) pass through the hot gates of unemployment

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Bank of America just confirmed that last week its Global Equities division experienced a "realignment," in which it fired 30 associates (pictured). Granted this represents a small fraction of BoA's Global Markets division and most banks are quick to tell you about growing overall headcounts in the face of layoffs but the move represents a displacement of many high value (and high costing) employees and continues the trader layoff bonanza across the Street.
The BoA 30 will stand united in the face of the 17,000 strong from Citi. While it is said that the forces from Citi can send recruiter email spam that can blot out an email account, the BoA 30 will recruit in the shade (of Monstertrak). Tonight they dine in Hell ('s Kitchen)!
Will reinforcements arrive (i.e. - Is a larger BoA exodus forthcoming)?