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BP’s $35mm overcompensation expense

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What is your first reaction when driving up to a gas station?
a.) poke your head out the window, open your mouth, and wait for the gas nozzle to turn into a shower, raining down golden helios (little flowery sun-symbol-like things)
b.) wait for someone to fly down with a toilet (you read that correctly) and giant sandwich
c.) nothing, because you are letting your toddler and his three friends fill up the tank before running some errands, and your toddler knows to only use gas pumps that whistle catchy jingles
The answer is all of the above, if you’re at a BP gas station.
Not since Britney Spears sans flip flops have gas stations been this infectious. Fueled by the tune (“Say Hey,” by Message of the Blues), BP’s new $35mm US ad campaign (designed by Ogilvy & Mather) goes to great lengths to convince your children that PowerPuff Girl type creatures will dance for you (and maybe tap you off if you’re lucky) at its gas stations. BP isn't a stop, it's a destination. Let's get it done.
You will quickly forget about refinery explosions and ex-CEO liaisons when you see the little men dancing near your engine cylinders. Is BP's child-focused, dolphin-friendly effort a bit much? From Slate:

Finally, BP hopes to cement itself as the most "green" of the massive oil companies. To this end, the ad shows little windmills in the background. Also, BP service stations (there are more than 11,000 in the United States alone) have switched from plastic to paper bags at their convenience stores, and hand out trading cards with environmentally sensitive tips for kids (for instance: Use both sides of the paper when you color).

Watch the commercials, and plant a tree next time you fill up your tank, after the jump…
Baby, You Can Fuel My Car – [Slate]

Baby, You Can Fuel My Car – [Slate]